CANVASS 44: Wet Paint by Andre Woolery : The Canvas is Not Yet Dry : 44th and 1st

Wet Paint by Andre Woolery

“Wet Paint”

“Some choices we live not only once but a thousand times over,
remembering them for the rest of our lives.”

~ Richard Bach

“The Obama presidency means many different things to many different people,
but it will not be capable of a complete evaluation until many decades later.
Despite varying opinions the numbers will always ring true: 44th and 1st.”

~ Andre Woolery

Since 2008, many of us voted for then Senator Obama and have continued to support the President as he makes many difficult decisions on our behalf. And others, well, while we engage and respectfully debate the chronic nay-sayers, CANVASS 44 is not about that, but about celebrating and supporting President Obama.

The writing is not yet on the wall as for how the President has performed in his first term. But over 9,000 thumbtacks are on a canvas, thanks to Andre Woolery. Over 9,000 decisions to tell a story of inspiration and determination that is not unique to the subject, nor the artist, but representative of all of us who work hard, in short, to pursue happiness.

If we all had a cumulative record of the result of the many decisions we made each day, what would it look like? “Wet Paint” captures the warmth and humility of the most powerful man in the world. You can’t fake that.

For those in New York during February 23rd and March 1st, Andre will be exhibiting “Wet Paint” with his other works at Frontrunner Gallery.

The title of Andre’s solo exhibit, “Bruised Thumbs.” :0)

Born in Jamaica and raised in New Jersey, Andre Woolery creates art that is accessible and reflective of his journey. His work was recently profiled in Black Enterprise and Complex Magazine. Read his full story at and follow him on twitter, @undre2g.

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