Obamabot 2.0: Obamacat, Bed-Stuy 2012, Mo’Bama Blues

In response to my description of the “obamabot” toy robot as capturing the essence of Obama as opposed to his likeness, my 3-year old godson corrected me, “Noooo! Not the essence of Obama… PRESIDENT Obama!”

I love that kid.

Obamacrats… I mean, Obamacats… OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Yes, this is Lion-O. Not Lionel. And although I lost my geek card because I did not know that, I was still inspired by the Thundercats and my President. It may be tempting for some to turn “Lion-O” into “Lyin’ O” but I couldn’t resist. The entire “obamabot” concept actually began with the idea of turning something negative into something more positive.



Bed-Stuy for Obama. Not to be presumptuous about an entire neighborhood… but around my way, the pictures in storefronts and parlour floor windows speak for themselves…

Bed Stuy 2012

Bed Stuy 2012

Mo’Better… Mo’Bama… or was that “No’Bama”…? The irony of this “co-opt” concept was that I stumbled across many derogatory terms for the President on twitter searching under the term “Obama lover.” Hmmm… Brooklyn Blue Dems, stand up!

Mo'Bama Blues

Mo’Bama Blues

DIYs will be available soon so you can customize your own Obamabot to fit your botitude.

All designs are available on t-shirts and various accessories on our CANVASS 44 store for the benefit of Organizing for America, Partners in Health and BVSJ.

Thanks for reading!

~ Onjena

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Onjena makes her professional debut at Carbon-Fibre Media with her line of toy robots called “O’BOTS” and a line of political t-shirts for CANVASS 44. She is also an amateur scrapbooker. 

Eric Nocella Diaz, under his company, GoldMane Entertainment, in addition to publishing comic books and graphic novels, develops prototype sculptures, maquettes, statues, busts, designer resin collectibles and toys.

Renegade | President Obama Bust by Grey Williamson & Kilroy III

Renegade Obama Bust

The Renegade bust was designed and manufactured by Carbon-Fibre Media’s team of Grey Williamson and Kilroy III out of their Brooklyn studio. The pose is reminiscent of the fighting style of boxers Muhammad Ali and Floyd Mayweather.

Two different busts were produced. The first was cast in a “metallique” finish which includes a mix of metal, resin, and a few drops of pigment. The second “DIY” bust does not include metal, as it was designed to be a “canvas” for other artists to customize. Both are available on their store, www.store.carbon-fibre.me.

Additional pictures of the bust can be viewed in an interview with the artist and in Carbon-Fibre Media’s showcase.


Grey Williamson has worked as a writer, artist and designer for almost every major comic publisher in the comic industry. He formed Carbon-Fibre Media as a home for his entertainment properties and productions.

Kilroy III makes his professional debut at Carbon-Fibre Media with his work on the Apollo, Val-Mar and Renegade busts. He has multiple projects under development that can be viewed on his blog, Kilroy’s Attic.