Divided We Fall Series: American? But How Can That Be? You are Brown

Dedicated to all my international friends who could not believe I was from America because I was brown. And especially dedicated to my “brown” Canadian friends who I couldn’t believe were from Canada… (Sorry, Prosper, Justice Fergie) Ahem… We all have work to do. United we stand…

The “Divided We Fall” Series was born out of the desire to see American icons be used in a way to represent all of us. As observed by one of my twitter friends, the use of the American flag, bald eagles and the like are often used in social media profile pictures to indicate a user’s supposed level of patriotism. And too often, many of these users do not have an inclusive view of what is “American.”

This design was inspired by those who “want to take their country back.” Which clearly begs the question, “From whom and back to where?” As one of those who leans forward (Maddow shoutout), I say to those who tell me to keep the change, “Absolutely. Give me some mo’! 4’mo!”

Keepin' the Change

Keepin’ the Change

An Obamanation, indeed! I’m in!

Obamanation by onjena


We are the ones… but we are not the only ones. This is not about who is superior. It’s about changing the rules so that we don’t live in a system where success is limited to the few. It’s about equal opportunity to succeed and fail… to be average or exceptional… It’s about equal access to greatness.

Exceptional by onjena


This theme of redefining American icons carried over into the Say It Loud Design Series as well. All designs are available on t-shirts and various accessories on our CANVASS 44 store for the benefit of Organizing for America.

Thanks for reading!

~ Onjena

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Onjena makes her professional debut at Carbon-Fibre Media with her line of toy robots called “O’BOTS” and a line of political t-shirts for CANVASS 44. She is also an amateur scrapbooker.