Say It Loud Series: I’m for Barack and I’m Proud

The “Say It Loud” Designs are dedicated to my father… who blasted James Brown’s “I’m Black and I’m Proud” around my campus quad during parent’s weekend oh so many years ago… in New Hampshire…

I’ve happily seen variations of “the fist” being used by the Occupy and Pro-Labor movements. I do believe it stands for power to all the people.

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Say It Loud 1.0

When I released the “Say it again, Sam 1.0” image, I was told that Uncle Sam appeared too devilish… Hmmm… I can see that…

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Say It Again, Sam 1.0

Here is the same design in black. Less devilish?

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Say It Again, Sam 2.0

The head scarf on any other woman would have meant something else.

Maybe this one should be titled “Rosie Fisticuffs”…?

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Rosie the Renegade

All designs are available on t-shirts and various accessories on our CANVASS 44 store for the benefit of Organizing for America, Partners in Health and BVSJ.

Thanks for reading!

~ Onjena

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Onjena makes her professional debut at Carbon-Fibre Media with her line of toy robots called “O’BOTS” and a line of political t-shirts for CANVASS 44. She is also an amateur scrapbooker. 

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