CANVASS 44: O’bamabots, Romneybots & Other Politico’bots

‘Tis the season… Obama v Romney… time for all the pundits to weigh in.

Let the name-calling begin… O’bamabots… Romneybots…

Mindless followers or politicians devoid of human sentiment… Ouch…

Maybe, simply, just enthusiastic investors in the political process…

The following are some early designs of Politico’bots based on a line of collectible toys, O’BOTs.

Naturally, we couldn’t decide which outfit we liked best for the First Lady…

Can you guess the politico’bot pundit below?

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Thanks for reading!

~ Onjena Yo

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Onjena Yo makes her professional debut at Carbon-Fibre Media with her line of toy robots called “O’BOTS” and a line of political t-shirts for CANVASS 44. She is also an amateur scrapbooker. 

Handmade Wooden Obama Campaign Pins by Louise’s Daughter

Laser cut and hand painted and assembled wooden campaign button to support Barack Obama’s re-election in 2012.

This one is Red, White, and Blue, and is about 2.5″ square.  Metal pin back. Available here.

$15 of the proceeds goes directly to the President’s re-election campaign.  $5 goes to defray the cost of production.

Please contact Louise’s Daughter if you are interested in buying in quantity to sell to others to raise funds for President Obama’s re-election.

Thanks for reading!

~ Onjena

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Cheryl and Don Olney of Louise’s Daughter love to make colorful figurative artwork from wood, paper, and other materials. They also love to do custom items, which can be as simple as different colors on a standard item, or a completely new design in just about any size ranging from 1 inch to 8 feet tall. They love a challenge so contact them at don(at)