Obamabot 2.0: First of Many, Optimist Prime, Hana Hou, Obamanator

Presenting… Obamabot 2.0 aka Operation Co-Opt. We, “Obamabots” support our President, not out of blind faith, but out of a foundation of trust. So call us what you will… We know it’s bigger than politics…

Here are some designs of the Obamabot collectible toy… coming soon.

The first of many…

First of Many

First of Many

For the eternal optimist…

Optimist Prime :: Obamabot 2.0

Optimist Prime

And the skeptics among us…

Skeptical :: Obamabot 2.0


“Hana Hou” is a common Hawaiian expression meaning “One more time!”

Hana Hou:: Obamabot 2.0

Hana Hou

He’ll be back…

Obamanator:: Obamabot 2.0


DIYs will be available too so you can customize your own Obamabot toy to fit your botitude.

All designs are available on t-shirts and various accessories on our CANVASS 44 store for the benefit of Organizing for America, Partners in Health and BVSJ.

Thanks for reading!

~ Onjena

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Onjena makes her professional debut at Carbon-Fibre Media with her line of toy robots called “O’BOTS” and a line of political t-shirts for CANVASS 44. She is also an amateur scrapbooker. 

Eric Nocella Diaz, under his company, GoldMane Entertainment, in addition to publishing comic books and graphic novels, develops prototype sculptures, maquettes, statues, busts, designer resin collectibles and toys.