Renegade | President Obama Bust by Grey Williamson & Kilroy III

Renegade Obama Bust

The Renegade bust was designed and manufactured by Carbon-Fibre Media’s team of Grey Williamson and Kilroy III out of their Brooklyn studio. The pose is reminiscent of the fighting style of boxers Muhammad Ali and Floyd Mayweather.

Two different busts were produced. The first was cast in a “metallique” finish which includes a mix of metal, resin, and a few drops of pigment. The second “DIY” bust does not include metal, as it was designed to be a “canvas” for other artists to customize. Both are available on their store,

Additional pictures of the bust can be viewed in an interview with the artist and in Carbon-Fibre Media’s showcase.


Grey Williamson has worked as a writer, artist and designer for almost every major comic publisher in the comic industry. He formed Carbon-Fibre Media as a home for his entertainment properties and productions.

Kilroy III makes his professional debut at Carbon-Fibre Media with his work on the Apollo, Val-Mar and Renegade busts. He has multiple projects under development that can be viewed on his blog, Kilroy’s Attic.