CANVASS 44: Finding My Voice and Saying It Loud

American Wants Obama by Onjena

Rosie the Renegade Says It Loud by Onjena

Say It Loud by Onjena

“All this talk about “founding fathers” and the building of America by hard work without handouts…

This country is great because it was built on the backs of slaves. What better handout than to start your businesses with free labor.”

~ Grey Williamson

Daaaaaaaaaaamn… talking about ALL of our history, even the ugly parts, does not make me unpatriotic. I am proud of our country and of our President. No apologies.

Download, share, repost… speak up…vote!

~ Onjena

#sayitLOUD #registertoVOTE #neverforget #spreadLOVE

4 responses to “CANVASS 44: Finding My Voice and Saying It Loud

  1. I don’t know about others but the graphic on this post won’t load as photos, just the broken link icon appears. It could be on my end but other blog posts are loading ok. I thought you might want to know that. {JB}

    • Thank you for letting me know. It may be due to the size. I uploaded them as higher res files so people could print them out without pixelation. I appreciate the feedback. And thank YOU for all that you do. #GreaterTogether

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